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There is a limited seating of 10 students per workshop

April The cost of the two day My Newborn Beauty workshop is $1,200 USD

The workshop will be held in English (Russian).

How to define the beauty of a newborn using studio and natural light? And it doesn’t matter if you are the owner of a studio or you have to shoot on location.  You will be surprised how little you need to organize your workplace.

Day 1:

  • Introductions will begin at 10:00.
  • How to correctly set up a location for shooting.
  • Correct use of natural and studio light.
  • Advanced technical settings of the camera.
  • Composition, why it can make or break your image. Different angles.
  • Step-by-step Natalya will show a typical session flow, including how to settle babies, best transitioning between poses without disturbing them. How to get as many images as you can.
  • Signature wraps, techniques and much more.
  • How to photograph awake babies, older newborns.
  • Absolutely must-have images. Baby on the belly, portraits, family photos.
  • How to create emotional connection between parents and the baby throughout the session.
  • Siblings and baby. How to capture images which will last the life time .
  • Macro images technic.
  • In the studio over two days we will have the opportunity to photograph 6 babies under 2 weeks old.

Natalya shooting in manual mode so it is recommended that you know your equipment well. I.e. have an idea what shutter speed, aperture and exposure is.

You will have an opportunity to receive beautiful pictures for your portfolio which can be used at discretion. You will be able to ask me questions at any stage of the workshop.

During the workshop I will show which photos are the best to use in your portfolio. How to choose photos that will attract clients.

Lunch break will be approximately at 13:30. And again shooting! Day will end approximately at 18:00.

Day 2:

Please, don’t forget to bring with you no more than 3 prints of your work, format needs to be 20х30 cm.

  • The day will begin at 10:00 with a critique of each participant’s images and then lessons on processing in Photoshop. I will show all my secrets of editing and I will answer any question.
  • During the workshop we will process the photos from that day. As for Photoshop, you will need basic knowledge of the interface, the ability to work in layers, to create masks, to know modes of imposing and as they work. Please spend a little time and be prepared.
  • Each participant will receive my personal Photoshop actions.
  • How to shoot for an album and what to pay attention to?


  • Natalya will show and explain how to safely pose babies in the props.
  • The lunch break will be at 13:30.Day 2 will end approximately at 18:00 but maybe later.

For the workshop it is recommended to have a full-frame camera and a 50mm lens or 35mm. If you have crop camera bring 35mm lens. The camera strap is required!!!!

Examples of poses which I will demonstrate during the two day workshop



For more information please contact me but for workshop studio address and more details about please contact the studio manager Marie Elise

Workshop Registration

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Payment Options
 Full payment of $1,200

 two payments $650

Questions or Comments

Please note that you will receive a Paypal payment request within the next 24 hours. Should you not receive the request please contact me at

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  1. posted by Prisca Caroli

    Ciao sono molto interessata al tuo workshop! sarei io ed una mia amica di Bolzano.
    Vorrei sapere se ci sono ancora posti e se le altre persone che partecipano sono della mia provincia (Reggio Emilia Modena Parma).
    Grazie Prisca

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    Ciao sono interessato al tuo magnifico workshop. Ti volevo gentilmente chiedere: hai ancora posti liberi? Se vengo accompagnato da mia moglie dobbiamo pagare 2 quote?

    Floriano e Sara

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